04 September 2012

\Manager HPHT Drilling OFFSHORE

membutuhkan banyak tenaga intuk PROJECT OOFshore (Jack Up Rig) , dengan Kualifikasi sebagai berikut :

Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering
Bachelor in Petroleum Engineering


Identification and Evaluation of New Technologies
·         Lead HPHT drilling technology team to identify, evaluate, pilot and implement new and emerging HPHT technologies through study analysis and lesson learn to improve Unit Development Cost (UDC) in order to maximize revenue.
·         Lead the HPHT drilling technology team to review and evaluate the latest drilling technological advances for fit for purpose application in HPHT drilling to ensure maximum value creation for HPHT ventures.
Implementation of New Technologies

·         Lead the implementation of new technologies in HPHT drilling, completion and intervention activities by adapting the latest technologies and experience in the project to ensure value creation is realized.
Technical Support
·         Provide advice and technical expertise in various troubleshooting problems and advice suitable remedial actions for new technologies as required to prevent non production time (NPT) and enhance operational excellence.
Research & Development
·         Lead the research and development for ongoing programs to identify potential opportunities to add value by introducing new technology solutions and recommendations to the HPHT drilling technology team.
·         Plan, organize, direct and manage the overall implementation of onshore/offshore exploration, development, completion, workover and wireline activities in accordance with the approved programs, procedures and practices and with the specific objective of achieving optimum operating cost, safeguarding the safety of personnel and property and protection of the environment.
·         Provide technical expertise to trouble-shoot major operational problems, such as blow out, rig on fire or serious accident, that may occur during the operations.
·         Lead and guide the development, integration and implementation of new well completion programs in order to meet the short term and long production target in the safest, cost effective and timely Integration to involve Petroleum Engineering, Project & Facilities, Operation and Production Departments.
·         Initiate the well testing activities to obtain the fluid types, properties, productivity and volume of the new wells through practical, efficient, cost effective and safe well testing program and implementation.
·         Identify, initiate and monitor the work-over activities to revive, enhance or maximize the oil potential of the existing wells through comprehensive identification, analysis, integration and the development and implementation of the work-over programs.
·         Schedule and coordinate the completion's well for short term and long term plan in order to optimize the utilization of available land service rigs and develop and implement the mitigation plan in the situation of shortfall between the need of crude production, completion activities and rigs availability.
·         Review well testing and completion performance analysis to identify the root causes and propose the mitigation plan to maximize the effectiveness of the program implementation.
Lead in the identification, tendering process and contract execution for the
·         well testing, well completion and work-over related activities, as to maximize and optimize the effectiveness of the program implementation.
·         Monitor and persuade the compliance of Reservoir Management Plan and analyse the effectiveness of implementation so as to maximize the field Ultimate Recovery.
·         Propose, implement and track the production enhancement initiatives as per WPB and identify intervention program as well as additional production enhancement opportunities by application of new technologies and initiatives to optimize production.
·         Identify the opportunity of new technology applications in the well testing, completion and work-over activities to E&P Business
Capital project cost estimation and budgeting
·         Lead and drive the formulation of capital projects' cost estimation and budgeting on technical aspects with compliance to HSE standards and requirements to ensure final investment decision is made for optimum value creation.
Cost projection and forecasting
·         Lead and strategize the development of all capital projects' cost projection and forecasting through joint review & discussions with project teams in line with business strategy to ensure cost effectiveness and competitiveness in order to maximize value return.
Framework, System and Tools

·         Lead the development and sustainability of Cost Estimating Framework (standard, methodology and system) for capital projects through benchmarking with industry's best practices and consistent reviews to ensure consistency and effective cost estimate which is aligned to       business strategy.
Cost Estimating Database
·         Lead and drive the utilization of Cost Database System through communication with projects' personnel and teams in order to ensure stable & sustainable historical data management and effective enhancement of the system for sound decision making and successful business operations.
Advisory Role
·         Provide advice and recommendation on capital projects' cost estimation, budgeting and cost variation to relevant project teams and stakeholders for final investment decision of all capital projects to ensure consistency and application of industry best practices & methodology.
Conceptual Study
·         Develop and perform strategic conceptual studies for sanctioning new development projects to ensure technical feasibility, integrity and most optimal cost in support of monetisation of assets.
·         Develop and perform strategic conceptual studies for asset acquisition to ensure continuous capture of asset growth.      
Project Execution Plan
·         Develop and perform project execution plan encompassing contracting strategy, scheduling and phasing, cost estimates and risk mitigation especially for frontier area to ensure better proficiency in project development.        
Technology Application
·         Develop the application of strategic low cost technologies (deepwater, unmanned platform, Wet Pipeline Scheme, marginal oil field and high CO2 gas field, Concrete Base Storage, Self Installed Platform, spars, floaters) in line with enhancing development of domestic reserve and global competitiveness in country of interest.
·         Participate in the pursuance in the development of technology advent to meet new challenges in project and operational requirement.    
Project Database
·         Develop and establish enhanced project database by networking with relevant parties i.e other operators, partners, vendors, contractors and Carigali Experience Sharing Database to benchmark PCSB competitive edge in line with industry practice.
Advisory Role
Prepare, review and provide inputs and recommendations to other disciplines and other project technical documents such as Area Development Plan, Field Development Plan, Conceptual study options, specialized studies, reports and recommendation of line review, Scope of Work of design package (CTR) to be consistent with PETRONAS and host government procedures and guidelines.

Tiap Personil  wajib memiliki sertifikasi :

-  Memiliki sertifikast Sea Survival
-  Memilikisertifikat Tropical - Helicopter Underwater Escape Training (T-HUET)
-  Memiliki sertifikat Tropical - basic Offshore Safety Induction & Emergency Trainging ( T-BOSIET).
-  Memiliki seritifikat Basic Fire Fighting - Emergency Breating System Training (T-EBS).
NB :
- Kandidat yang harus memiliki spesifikasi sesuai data diatas.
Bagi anada yang memenuhi kualifikasi diatas, dapat mengirimkan CV dan Surat Pengalaman Kerja serta Sertifikasi Migas yang dimiliki, melalui email ke : hrd.ridabosi@yahoo.com atau
fredrick_ridabosi@yahoo.com dan juga bisa menghubungi Bapak Fredrick 081280949992. SEGERA

Komplek Jakarta Garden City (JGC), Cluster Lantana, Blok D-3 No. 116,
Jl. Raya Cakung Cilincing, Jakarta Timur.
Telp. : 021 - 2906 1566
Fax.  : 021 - 2906 1568

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