24 October 2013

Day Drilling Supervisor (DDS)

We are an Oil & Gas Manpower Service Provider in Jakarta, we are currently in need for suitable candidate for the following positions for one of our project :

Day Drilling Supervisor (DDS)
Responsibilities :

·         Perform pre-mobilization and post–mobilization inspections. In cooperation with Construction Inspector, Onsite Drilling Supervisor will assure that new locations are suitable as drilling sites;
·         Assure that required equipment and supervision are available for rig moves;
·         Plan, order and schedule necessary materials and Company's Subcontractor services to avoid delays in the operation;
·         Coordinate rig schedules with COMPANY's Subcontractor to ensure that equipment and personnel logistics are optimized;
·         Supervise the overall drilling operation of the well as set forth in the prognosis;
·         Supervise the running and cementing of oil well casing;
·         Discuss and cooperate with related specialized technical personnel and Subcontractors during operations to reach the best method to execute the drilling program or resolving technical issues or problem during the performance of drilling program;
·         Witness cement bond logs, perforating operations and all pressure testing of equipment and casings;
·         Review the performance of  Subcontractors and advise on negotiation, renewal and termination of contracts. This may include a root cause analysis of any equipment failures;
·         Recommend equipment and procedural changes to increase efficiency of operations;
·         Check the equipment, prepare work orders and have for repaired as required;
·         Ensure drilling sites are cleaned up after rig moves and that  environmental policies are complied with at drill site;
·         Perform any similar or related duties as assigned by  Senior Drilling Manager or  Drilling Operation Manager;
·         Upon instruction of Head Office, the employee shall prepare and conduct training for Indonesian personnel, designated by Head office, to transfer technology and knowledge of drilling, testing and completion practices;
·         Perform the Work pursuant and in accordance with all Company and governmental rules, regulations and laws;
·         Along with Construction Supervisor and Safety Supervisor, On site Drilling Supervisor/Engineer will:
-          Ensure tool-box safety meetings and general safety meeting are held
-          Ensures the Company HSE expectations are met
-          Along with Construction Supervisor, Onsite Senior Drilling Supervisor/Engineer and Drilling Supervisor/Engineer will :
-          Ensure pre-spud and pre-job meetings are held
-          Supervise and certify pre-acceptance rig, equipment and tubular inspections
-          Assist in preparing load out sheets and checking equipment requirements during load out and before jobs
-          Prepare rig site recommendations for operational and logistics improvements for end of well reports
-          Ensure the Blow Out Preventer (BOP) and auxiliary equipment are properly tested, maintained and operated by rig personnel.
Minimum Qualifications :

·         Minimum 5 years experience, at drilling supervisory level with international exposure comprising at least 2 years as Night Supervisor;
·         Holding valid IWCF well control certificate and RSES training.
ü  Worksite                 : Drilling Rig
ü  Work Schedule      : Rotation either 28/28 or 14/14
Kindly Send your application to spierecruitment@yahoo.com stating your vacancy code (DDS) in the Subject

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