27 February 2014

Lowongan di Chemonics International Communications Specialist

Lowongan di Chemonics International Communications Specialist

Scope of Work
Communications Specialist
I. Overview
Chemonics International was founded in 1975 and is one of the largest U.S. consulting firms providing expertise in developing and emerging-market countries for initiatives financed by the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID).
II. Position Name
Communications Specialist
III. General Responsibilities
The Communications Specialist is responsible for providing strategic direction, coordination and technical input into all project components, with supervision, in compliance with USAID regulations and the contract signed by USAID and Chemonics. Public communications, public awareness, and public affairs are common themes to all components, as well as being a specific output. As such, there is an overarching responsibility to ensure that all public awareness, public relations, and media products are of the highest quality, are consistent with the project objectives, and adhere to any restrictions required by USAID and Chemonics. The Specialist is expected to fill this overarching responsibility by working closely and coordinating with other technical staff.
The Communications Specialist will at all times adhere to and act according to the Chemonics Professional Code of Ethics (“Living Our Values”) and will make the principles of the Code a part of the project’s culture and standard operating procedures.
IV. Specific Duties

Under supervision from the COP and/or DCOP:

The Communications Specialist will contribute to all scopes of work for work undertaken for public communication, public awareness and public relations by the project.
The Communications Specialist will maintain technical quality control for all public communication, public awareness and public relations work, ensuring that performance targets and deliverables outlined in the project contract are completed in a timely and cost-effective manner.
The Communications Specialist will contribute to the project weekly and quarterly reports and other project reports and deliverables as required.

The Communications Specialist may be called upon by the COP or DCOP to undertake assessment trips, initiating pilot projects, and conducting other technical assignments.
V. Qualifications  
·        Minimum bachelor’s degree from an accredited unversity.
·        Minimum five (5) years of professional experience with public communications and public information and work with the media.
·        Written and verbal fluency in English and Bahasa Indonesia is required.
·        Strong inter-personal and communication skills are required.
VI. Reporting

The Communications Specialist will report directly COP/DCOP. He/she will prepare regular oral and written progress reports that demonstrate the status of project activities toward expected results, as well as other reports as required.
As teamwork is crucial to the success of the project, the Specialist will also coordinate work with other project staff working as a team, as per direction from COP/DCOP.
Interested applicants for this position are requested to send a cover letter and resume to us.chemonics@gmail.com no later than 15 March 2014. Please indicate the position in the subject line.  Only the strongest candidates will be contacted. No telephone inquiries.

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