13 February 2014



PT. Inti Brunel Teknindo is the sole agent for Brunel Energy (www. brunel. net), provides specialist personnel to the international oil & gas, petrochemical, power generation and construction industries. Our clients are predominantly major operating companies and international engineering or construction companies. We have a global network with local market knowledge in 97 locations around the world. Currently, our client are looking for some positions based in Indonesia.




1.    The Project Operations Geologist will oversee the operational aspects of exploration drilling wells. These responsibilities will include:

·         Supervision of mud logging operations, including summary of expected interval characteristics for mud loggers prior to spud, special requirements for logging and sample description, daily reporting of geological description of oil and gas shows, and indications of changes in the pressure regime.

·         Supervision of wireline logging, including communication as required between well site and office, quality control of logging operations (calibration, tool response, logged interval, depth accuracy, etc.), supervision of RFT/MDT pressure testing and sample collection, MDT/RFT sample description, labeling and transport to Jakarta office. The Project Operations Geologist should have significant experience using Baker or others provider "MDT" tool and be able to supervise its use and interpretation in oil‐based muds in a well site environment.

·         Supervision rotary or percussion coring, including communication and liaison with onsite coring representative, assistance with cores picking, handling and labeling, spot description of exposed core material and documentation of cores taken for administration of core transport from wellsite to Jakarta office.


2.    Review and study of pressure data for use in pressure prediction ‐ This purpose of this task is to collate all pertinent pressure data and to interpret it for use in pressure prediction for well planning. This task includes:

·         Monitoring and prediction of abnormal pressure for planned wells; collation of all pertinent pressure data, review and update database to ensure pressure data accuracy.

·         Coordination with mud logging representatives so that all pertinent pressure estimation techniques are applied, liaison with mud logging well site representatives and Jakarta office so that pressure estimation services are accurately communicated.

·         Discussion with exploration and appraisal well planning teams to insure proper inclusion of all pressure data in well planning.


3.    Administration of database of wellsite data ‐ The primary responsibility for this task will be creation and update of well data files for well site data. This data includes:

·         Digital files of mud logging data prepared by mud logging CONTRACTOR, directional survey data, input of all RFT/MDT data input of correlations and to insure that all wireline data is correct and up‐to‐date.

·         Ensure the timely distribution of all data from 3.a above to government agencies and PSC joint venture partners in Indonesia.

·         Creation of appropriate composite well log data and paper for transmittal to PSC joint venture partners and government agencies.

·         Creation of the final well reports and transmittal to PSC joint venture partners and government agencies.


4.    Petro physical interpretation ‐ The primary responsibility for this task is the knowledge of and ability to use modern petro physical software. Tasks include:

·         Knowledge of wireline logging tools and their application to specific formation evaluation needs.

·         Knowledge of digital data formats and ability to effectively handle petro physical digital data coordination.

·         Ability to perform routine petro physical evaluation and to integrate with prospect interpretation.


OFFSHORE PROJECT DIRECTOR – Abu Dhabi (10 – 15 years' experience)

OFFSHORE ENGINEERING MANAGER – Abu Dhabi (10 – 15 years' experience)


Please send your CV, ID card copy and copies of relevant certificates to: resume@brunel.co.id.  Make sure you list the position in subject of your email. Only shortlisted candidate will be process on next step.

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