20 June 2013

Lowongan SCM dan HRD PT Sera Sun Energy

CHIEF HRD and CHIEF Supply Chain Management VACANCY

PT. Sera Sun Energy is an oil and gas company and conducted Operation Cooperation Contract to operate oil and gas fields. We have a strong commitment to our employees to give them a dynamic working environment, ethical treatment, benefits, a variety of training, and supporting the balance of work and personal life. Once we have hired the best people, we urge them to make themselves better by incorporating dynamic learning cycle. Because we believe that our employees are the most valuable to the company.
Join us and email your CV to: ett.hrd @ gmail.com

Chief Human Resources Departement
Job Description:
• Coordinate preparation of the work plan and budget for the implementation of Human Resources & Development
• Conducting coaching relationship and good cooperation and harmony with stakeholders.
• Conduct the selection and evaluation of assistance to third party, Community Relations and   Community developmnet.
• Coordinate settlement of social problems arising from the operations of the company.
• Develop a job description for each position.
• Implement recruitment and career development of personnel.
• Assist Operational Support Manager in their duties.
• Coordinate partnerships negotiated with Pertamina EP for approval RPTK company.

• Understand the procedures for making RPTK
• Have experience of over 7 years in the oil and gas
• Active, communicative and able to provide advice to the progress of the company.
• To understand a PTK-018

Chief Supply Chain Management

Job Description:
• Coordinate and manage supply chain activities selurh include procurement process including the provision of planning, the bidding process, receipt, storage and delivery of goods / services to the needs of companies operating effectively and efficiently and in accordance with authority limits.
• Assist Operations Support Manager in their duties.
• Implement and develop strategies and policies Supply Chain Management both short, medium and long.
• Conduct and prepare the appropriate procurement authorization and ensure the procurement process in accordance with applicable regulations.
• Integrate planning engagement providing goods and services since the beginning (Early Procurement Involvement - EPI).
• Proposing and recommending vendors in the manufacture of Vendor List.
• Assisting in producing WP & B and AFE companies.
• Giving consideration and recommendation to the techno-economic assistance for operating, investing and removal khsusnya related procurement, inbound, and outbound logistics.
• Prepare all the necessary requirements to carry out the procurement of goods and services.
• Create and submit lsit of vendors based on historical data is tender.
• Report the status of inventory and the goods / services each week.
• To coordinate with solid SCM Field PI.
Requirements :
- Must have requirements (certificate) PTK-007 on oil and gas
- Have experience in oil gas and at least 7 years
- Degree or more in economics and accounting and have experience of procurement in logistics
- Data vendors have experienced to be partners

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