12 May 2012

Java Programmer, Business Analyst at Austrac

Risk Ranking Application


This requirement document related to the PAPP Project 5 - Creation of Compliance Risk Ranking Application, which aims to assist PPATK to effectively and efficiently supervise goods and service providers currently captured under Indonesia's Law No. 8 Concerning the Prevention and Eradication of Money Laundering (Law No.8).

The PPATK's Directorate of Compliance and Supervision, which consists of 20 officers, is responsible for supervising 11,375 goods and service providers that were identified in 2011. It is anticipated that this number will increase significantly as more goods and service providers are identified. As such, Project 5 aims to develop an in-house IT compliance risk ranking application, which will assist PPATK to concentrate its limited supervisory resources on peer groups and individual goods and service providers at most risk of money laundering or terrorism financing (ML/TF). Furthermore, PPATK will be able to utilise the tool to store and maintain goods and service provider's information.

This project will consist of four activities.

1.. Gathering of business requirements from relevant stakeholders at the PPATK and development of functional requirements for the compliance risk ranking tool.
2.. Workshop with the PPATK to discuss the functional requirements and obtain approval from PPATK to proceed with the development phase of the project.
3.. Hire an IT service provider to develop an online application, conduct tests, create a user guide and train IT staff.
4.. Workshop to train the compliance and IT officers on how to use the compliance risk ranking tool.

IT service provider

Due to the technical nature of the project, the PAPP team will hire an information technology IT Programmer and IT Business Analyst / Programmer for three months to work alongside PPATK's IT team to develop an in-house compliance risk ranking application. The hiring of this IT Consultant / Programmer will be done in consultation with PPATK. The contract proceedings will be managed by the AusAID logistics provider, Australia Indonesia Partnership for Economic Governance (AIPEG).

The IT Programmer and Business Analyst will be required to work at the PPATK for at least 2 days per week.

1.1 Business objectives

Again, most of this section would come from other supporting documentation; in particular the Project Definition Report.

Objectives/goals can include the following subjects, which should be supported by specific metrics wherever possible:

increased productivity/efficiency

reduced effort

improved service

response to regulatory requirements.

The primary objective of the Risk Ranking Application is to effectively risk asses and allocate a risk rating for each of the industry sectors as well as each reporting party captured as the providers of goods and services. The secondary objectives are to have the ability to store and maintain information on goods and service providers on a database that is easily accessible and to have a consistent approach when risk ranking the reporting parties.

It is a necessary outcome of this project that as a result of the Risk Ranking Application, the PPATK 's Compliance Directorate can allocate its resources effectively and conduct targeted supervision depending of the ML/CTF risk posed and be able to store the relevant information in appropriate databases and retrieve the required information when required.

The risk ranking application will be an on-line web based application and will be linked to the PPATK's database. At present the PPATK are using Oracle Database and LINUX Operating System (OS).

The business requirements, along with functional and non-functional requirements will be provided to the Programmer and Business Analyst.

· I need 2 x staff for this - 1 Java Programmer & 1 Business Analyst

· contract is for 5 months - possible 1 month extenstion

· Need to be familiar with Java, oracle and Linux

· No specific experience is required, the persons must be good programmers and good communication skills to deal with government employees to gather requirements etc


Send your CV to: riri@peak-executive.com

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